Mani Krishnaswamy Academy hosts online concerts during this lockdown

Mangalore based Mani Krishnaswamy Academy is taking concerts to the online platform during this pandemic time. 

The academy names after the veteran musician Mani Krishnaswamy hosts annual concerts in Mangalore. Many artistes take part in the concerts. Now, when movement is restricted and all artistes are home-bound, the academy has come up with the idea of using the Internet to reach the audiences across the globe.

Beginning April 5, 2020, Mani Krishnaswamy Academy has been hosting concerts every day and on their Facebook page. On some days there are two concerts in the mornings. The artistes also receive instant feedback through comments on the live performances, that encourage the artistes.

The academy requests the viewers for a voluntary contribution of Rs. 50 and uses the amount to pay an honorarium to the artistes. 

Watch the online concerts of Mani Krishnaswamy Academy at