About us

What we aim to do

The world of Carnatic music fascinates every performer and connoisseur. There are information, resources, stories and travellogues - all of classical music,  scattered all over the Net. Nadalokam is a humble attempt to make many of them available in one place. This blog aims to bring together all the information, events and happenings relating to Carnatic music around the world.
Rasikas are welcome to enrich the blog with inputs and make it useful to all those who love Carnatic music.

The Team

Anyone who loves Carnatic music is part of Team Nadalokam.
If you find the website useful or admire the effort of putting together all that is music, please be part of the team. You could share information regarding concerts and music festivals, stories of your travel to places that relate to classical music, share photos you shoot at music events, festivals, send in lyrics of compositions or just read the stories and give us your feedback.

Next Steps...

For Nadalokam, the sky is not the limit. The world of music is above and beyond the sky.  The website is work-in-progress and will remain one forever.